Temescal Farmers Market

Sunday morning and it was already hot. My boyfriend left to watch football with his buddies and I set out to explore.

Destination: Temescal Farmers Market.

Goal: Find crepe. Eat crepe.

Located in the parking lot of the DMV on Claremont Ave, The Temescal Farmers Market is actually in the Rockridge neighborhood. This part of town is quaint and picturesque, overgrown with vines and canopied by trees.

house tops

There is a mystery man who wakes up early on Sundays, walks to the corner of Avon Street, and posts his sign advertising fruit pies and ice cream.

Then he sits on his front steps. And waits.

fruit pies n ice cream

“Ice cream,” I heard faintly from across the street. There he was. Sitting and waiting.

Oh, I wanted that pie and ice cream. But I wanted a crepe first.

“I’m going to the market but I’ll catch you on my way back,” I promised.

“I’ll be here,” drawled the mystery man.

barn garage

Around the corner, I stumbled upon these tiny entrepreneurs. They sell jewelry and crafts across the street from the market.

little entrepreneurs

These girls were so excited to show me every single item for sale. I chose a pair of earrings for $4.

As I turned to walk away, their adult chaperone quietly reminded them to “say ‘thank you’ again now.”

Crossing the street, I heard a giddy “Thank youuuuuu!” in unison.

yellow flowers

Entering the market, you can register to vote and learn about mayoral candidates.

register to vote

Or you can just eat here.

crepe making
Scotty at Brittany Crepes & Galettes makes a buckwheat crepe with brie, mushrooms and tomato. Bless his heart for standing over the griddle in this heat so we can all eat crepes on a Sunday morning.

I chose a salmon crepe with green onions, yogurt dill sauce, lemon juice and ground pepper. It was so good I sat down to eat it.

“Next time you’ve gotta try the butter, sugar and lemon crepe,” advised Scotty.

Oh my.

These grapes are amazing. As the sign states, they are super sweet. Like me.

blue bottle front
With temperatures in the 80’s, iced coffee from Blue Bottle was the favorite of the day.

blue bottle tony
Tony at Blue Bottle is singing and cleaning. And the only barista brave enough to step in front of the camera.


If you like your produce perfectly ripened and flavorful, this is the place to buy it.

flower bunches
Autumn flowers to brighten up your home.

people At 1:00pm the market is closing down, but people linger under the trees before heading home.


Rashid likes the Temescal Farmers Market because of the ambiance.

“It’s the trees,” he says, “and the food, of course.”

empty house

Walking down Avon Street toward my car, I noticed the signs for fruit pie and ice cream were gone. So was the mystery man.

I was too late.

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Temescal Alley

Temescal Alley was bustling on Saturday morning as shopkeepers opened their doors for business.

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Temescal Alley Barber Shop

barbershop window

barbershop 1fade

barbershop 2

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Autumnal Equinox

temescal hood 1

The Autumnal Equinox will occur on Monday at 7:30 pm, marking the beginning of Fall.

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